Corporate Rider Information

Am I considered a corporate rider?

The mobile ticket is complimentary for employees and tenants of participating funding companies, who have an agreement to pay for the services in place with the MCCA. If your company is a participating funder of the service, then you are considered a corporate rider. If your company is not a funding company, you are considered a public rider and the tickets are available for purchase through the Boston Seaport Ferry App.

Please note: if your employer just reimburses you for your ticket, that doesn’t mean you are considered a corporate rider. If you are unsure if your company is a participant, please reach out to us at and we can assist.

Guide to downloading your corporate ticket in the app

Due to privacy restrictions, the MCCA is not notified when new customer accounts are created and cannot export account lists from the ticket system. In order to receive a ticket, either the corporate funder’s representative or the individual employee must email to notify us of any new accounts.